Thursday, January 30, 2014


This Assignment is only to be done after everything else is finished.
Go here and play The Amazing Dare Dozen until you reach the finish line.  Take a screen shot of your final score and post it to a new blog post titled "I finished the Amazing Dare Dozen."  This assignment is for those that have completed all assignments for this class.  Once you complete this game you will have the opportunity to do other "school appropriate" things on the internet.

My current high score is 1167.

If you don't like this game, then go here and try Bloxorz.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#18 Being Charitable

This is a blog assignment.

Name your post "#18 Being Charitable."

Here is the hypothetical situation.  Mark Cuban mega-rich business man and owner of the Dallas Mavericks shows up at Back Bay High School with two million dollars to spend.  He offers you a job.  The pay for this job is one million dollars. The job is to choose a charity that you care about.   Mr. Cuban wants to donate the other one million dollars to that one charity.
Let's be charitable.
Your job is to research different charities to find one that means something to you.  After you find the charity that you want to support, you will write a blog entry that 1) **briefly describes the charity in one paragraph2) details (at least 2 paragraphs) why this charity is important to you (what about this charity is personally meaningful to you) 3) includes a link to the charity's website and 4) includes at least 2 pictures related to the charity.

There are a total of 3 paragraphs in this assignment.

**The link to the charity's website will include all the information about the charity.  This is why you will only briefly describe (a few sentences) the charity in your post.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#17 Typing lessons

Go here and explore the lessons they have on typing.  Spend a few minutes with at least 5 different lessons.  You must fully complete at least 1 lesson.  Make sure you are keeping your fingers on the home keys, so you can develop good typing form.  This is a blog assignment.
Title the assignment "#17."

Do a screen capture of each lesson you have worked on before you exit out.

Lesson 1.  Make sure you are spending at least 2 minutes on each lesson.  The time is shown at the top.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

#16 Typing

In today's society typing is a very important skill.  Some of you may have had a typing class where you learned the basics.  There are many online sites that provide exercises to improve your typing accuracy and speed.

1.) Go here and do this typing test.  Screen capture (shift/apple/4) the results and post to your blog.
Title the blog post "#16"

2.) Do an Google search and find at least one good typing resource website.  Link to that website in your blog post.

3.) Write at least a paragraph about why this website is good for improving someone's typing skills.

Include the screen shot of your results from the typing test.
Write at least one paragraph (4 sentences) about a typing website.
Link to that website.

Friday, January 24, 2014

#15 Improving your typing

In today's society typing is a very important skill.  Some of you may have had a typing class where you learned the basics.  There are many online sites that provide exercises to improve your typing accuracy and speed.

1.)  Briefly describe (minimum 2 sentences) any classes or exercises you have done to be able to type.

2.)  Go here and do this typing test.  Screen capture (shift/apple/4) the results and post to your blog.
Title the blog post "#15 Typing"

Include at least 2 sentences about your typing education.
Include the screen shot of your results from the typing test.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Assignment #14 Typing

Go here and complete some typing tests.

1)  You will take at least one of each of the 5 timed tests (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, and 5 min).

2)  You will take a screen shot (shift/apple/4) of the best result for each test.  The picture is sent to the desktop.  Right click the picture and rename as "I minute" or "2 minute" depending on which test it was.

3)  You will post all 5 pictures on your blog titled, "#14 Typing"
You will insert the 5 results pictures in your blog.  Make sure that you caption each photo with the   type of test it was (1 min, 2 min, etc.).

4)  This site also has typing games that will increase your typing speed.  Try out the games and type which one is your favorite and why.

1 minute
2 minutes
3 minutes
My favorite game was Spacebar Invaders.  Everyone try Spacebar Invaders at least once.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Assignment #13

Today you will be creating your own webpage.  

First, you will "Join for free" at
After you are logged in you are going to "edit page."
Click on you name and then "edit page."
Click on Biography, and write at least 3 complete sentences about yourself.

Open up a new tab and go to google.  Do an image search for a background photo (must be school appropriate).  Make sure you are searching for large images (search tools-size-large).  When you find the right photo.  Click on the photo, click view image, right-click, save image as (make sure you are saving to the desktop.

Go back to the tab.  Click on photo and "upload a background image."  Choose the photo that you just saved.

Click on fonts.  Change the font of the name, biography, and links.  Also, go to colors and change the fonts' colors to go well with your chosen background picture.

Finally, go to the Apps tab and add a blogger app.

We will go over these specifics in class.  If you are absent and still have questions then you must see me so I can explain to you what needs to be done on this assignment.

When you have completed updating your background image, writing a 3 sentence bio and changing the fonts and colors, then write a blog post titled "Assignment #13."  In the blog post write the sentence "Go here to learn about me."  Select the word "here" and link it to your page.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Last class day to work on the fontstruct assignment

Mini-assignment for today, take the 2 or 5 that you already created, copy and paste it on the other one 2/5, flip and rotate it until it looks like the other, and finally make some adjustments until it looks good to you.

Today is the last class day that will be dedicated to working on the Fontstruct project.  You should be finished with all of the capital letters, all of the lower-case letters, and the numbers that were assigned (2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9) at the end of class today.

I will be grading this assignment on Tuesday, January 21st.  This means that if you are not finished by the end of class today, then you should spend some time over the long weekend finishing this project to get a good grade.  Grades are from 0 to 50 points.  The best grade an incomplete project can receive is 25 (50%).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thursday font mini-exercise

You should have already created the numbers 2 or 5, 6, and 9.  Today you are to create the number 8.  When you are finished with the 8, you will copy and paste it in the space for the 3.  Delete the necessary parts and add whatever needs to be added to finish the 3.

The assignment is to create a number 8 and a number 3.  When you are finished with these two numbers you are to go back to creating the rest of the letters (26 capital letters and 26 lower-case letters).

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Font mini-exercise due today

You are still working on the 52 capital and lowercase letters.

Today's mini-assignment is to create the numbers 6 and 9.  Both numbers need to be 20 bricks tall, and they should look like the 2 or 5 you created the other day.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Continue Font Creation

You should be finished or have finished the 26 capital letters.  When they are done you need to check with me before working on the 26 lower case letters.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today's Font Assignment

In addition to completing your 26 capital letters there is a short assignment to complete first.

You are going to create the number 2 or 5.  Make that number 20 blocks tall.  Use a variety of bricks to make a good looking 2 or 5.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Font Fun

Today we are continuing the font creation process with a little addition.

The extra part of today's assignment is creating 3 different versions of the capital letter B.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Continue Font Creation

Make sure that all of your capital letters are at least 12 blocks tall, and they start from the left blue line and blue baseline.

add extra guides to help with your font creation

Use more than one type of brick to create your letters.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Assignment #12 Font Creation

Fonts are a part of all of our lives.  Websites, books, magazines, street signs, written DMV driving tests, CAHSEE all use different fonts for displaying words and numbers.  For the next several days you are going to be creating your own font (font examples- ArialCourier,Times).  Check out some examples here. 

You will be going to this site. 
You will sign up using the email account that you use for this class. 
Use the same password as your email so you won't forget it. 
You will be sent an email with a link to complete your free registration on the site (the email takes a few minutes to arrive in your inbox).

You will then proceed to create your own unique font. All 26 capital letters and all 26 lower case letters will be done by you (52 letters total).  Make your letters look like they are related.  Do not randomly (sloppily) design your letters.

Name your font anything (school appropriate) that you want.

Make every capital letter the same height (at least 12 blocks tall).

Use the tab menu- view- extra guides to set up a guide for the height and the width of the capital letters.  All capital letters will be the same height.  They will start on the baseline and be as tall as you determine (at least 12 blocks tall).  

Use the tab menu- view- adjacent characters to see the already created letters.

All of your letters will start from the left blue line and sit on top of the blue baseline.

You can use the tab menu- edit- copy/paste to save time in creating some letters.  For example, after creating the capital O, copy and paste it onto the space for the capital Q.  Then, add the tail for the Q.

This will be a several day process.  I will inform you as to how you will be turning this assignment in.

Be creative and take some time to create each letter.  "Sloppily done, quickly thrown together with little thought" fonts will receive grades closer to zero than 50.