Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Assignment #13 About.me

Today you will be creating your own about.me webpage.  

First, you will "Join for free" at about.me.
After you are logged in you are going to "edit page."
Click on you name and then "edit page."
Click on Biography, and write at least 3 complete sentences about yourself.

Open up a new tab and go to google.  Do an image search for a background photo (must be school appropriate).  Make sure you are searching for large images (search tools-size-large).  When you find the right photo.  Click on the photo, click view image, right-click, save image as (make sure you are saving to the desktop.

Go back to the about.me tab.  Click on photo and "upload a background image."  Choose the photo that you just saved.

Click on fonts.  Change the font of the name, biography, and links.  Also, go to colors and change the fonts' colors to go well with your chosen background picture.

Finally, go to the Apps tab and add a blogger app.

We will go over these specifics in class.  If you are absent and still have questions then you must see me so I can explain to you what needs to be done on this assignment.

When you have completed updating your background image, writing a 3 sentence bio and changing the fonts and colors, then write a blog post titled "Assignment #13."  In the blog post write the sentence "Go here to learn about me."  Select the word "here" and link it to your about.me page.

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