Monday, February 24, 2014

#26 Stranded

In this hypothetical situation you are stranded on a very remote deserted island.  What 3 (school appropriate) things would you want to have with you?  These things can not be people (pets are OK).  Keep in mind that you have unlimited money for these 3 things.  Boats/airplanes are not an option.  There is no internet, cell service, or electricity on this island.  Do not think in terms of "escaping" the island.  Think about what things would you need to "survive" on the island.

Include a paragraph (at least 3 sentences) description  of each choice and why.  Include a picture with each paragraph.  Links are not required, but include them if they relate to your choice(s).

Minimum requirements:

This is a blog assignment.  Title it "#26 Stranded."
3 different things (school appropriate).
1 paragraph (at least 3 complete sentences)
and 1 picture for each choice 
for a total of 3 paragraphs and 3 pictures

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